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Hillsborough article in The Athletic.

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I've been to concerts when there's been a crush, and they were probably magnitudes less than what the interviewees in this article experienced.

I can imagaine the fear, the claustrophobia, the helplessness, but not the terror of knowing that people are next to you, under you expiring. I feel for anyone and everyone that was there, or have been hit by the emotional shockwave from knowing someone that was.

Thank you to the people brave enough to share their traumatic experience. These things must never be forgotten. And we still need people and institutions to be held to account - we know who they are. They know who they are.

John C:
That was a really hard read, harrowing and distressing.

Horrible horrible read that. Had to complete segments as it honestly sends me close to a panic attack to think about it (and iīm not that way inclined) and I was born after the disaster. Canīt even imagine how it is for those that were there, or that lost loved ones.

Thoughts with everyone affected that day.


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