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RIP Andrew Devine

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--- Quote from: John C on August 21, 2021, 10:48:51 am ---That's absolutely brilliant Mike. Heartbreakingly superb.

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Cheers mate...that article by Tony Evans is an excellent piece. It's so fitting how and wholly appropriate how the Club have moved quickly to remember and pay tribute to Andrew. Such a tragic story this.


--- Quote from: mikeb58 on August 21, 2021, 10:46:29 am ---         97 Avenue

An Avenue with a change of name.
Back in the news, The Leppings Lane.
It's now 97 Avenue in Liverpool 4.
Another tragic death against the law.
One more life needlessly taken away.
For one more family, a time to pray.
More blood been spilt on guilty hands.
An updated song from Anfield Stands.
Our tribute flags need changing too.
One more apology I think is due.
60 more seconds with heads bowed.
One more missing face from the crowd
One more anniversary bell to chime.
Forever rest in peace, Andrew Devine.

--- End quote ---
On it.

Boss poem laaaaaa!

Ray K:


John C:
Thanks for that Ray.
I'll move this to the memorial board otherwise it will drift right down this one.

RIP Andrew.


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