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--- Quote from: Weby72 on April 29, 2016, 03:53:19 pm ---What an utterly remarkable family. Very humbling.

--- End quote ---

I can only echo that.

Thank you for sharing.

Well done Paul....really great. You've something of the gift your dad has in there.

That's fantastic. Lovely read. Thanks for posting.

Back in 2009 a few of us started the Steven Cohen boycott. That is when I got in contact with Prof. Phil.

I don't want to drag that all up again but Phil was most helpful in putting our point across versus the lies Cohen was airing.

The boycott was successful and Cohen took his program off the air. All we wanted was him to offer a full apology and not tell the lies on air again or him off his show. Instead he took his program off the air.

Prof. Scraton has done himself and the community proud. A most humble man.

I'd never seen that Phil Scraton lecture. Thanks. Very harrowing, but educational.


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