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We received the message below to the RAWK email and we are delighted to pass it on. We are immensely grateful for all of the sacrifices that the Scraton family will have made over the last 27 years. Without them, we may never have prevailed. 

--- Quote ---Hi Guys,

My name is Paul Scraton. I think you know my Dad! Anyway, I read on the forum today someone wondering about the impact Hillsborough has had on Dad and his family and it inspired me to write this blog post:

I am not a member of the forum, so I would be grateful if you could share the text on RAWK. You can copy and paste it all - I don't care about links or anything - but I thought you might be interested in these reflections.

Thanks so much for all the support you have give to him over the years... it means a lot to him, and to us, that there is such a community out there.

All the best from Berlin,


--- End quote ---


Thanks for sharing that.

Thanks for writing that Paul, it's beautifully put.

I earlier came across this video of a great lecture given by Phil from a couple of years ago on researching Hillsborough.  Well worth a watch

What an utterly remarkable family. Very humbling.


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