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A Tribute to the King - Kenny Dalglish

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Few years ago the questions was asked...Is Suarez better than Kenny? ( and what a compliment to Suarez!)...discussions followed and I said ( to whoever would listen - not many!!)...that they were different footballers each brilliant...but you have to remember outside being a footballer...Kenny is beyond any comparrision.

From being a 16 year old travelling up to Middlesborough to watch him play his first league game , to sitting last night as a tearful 55 year old man watching him wonderful as ever take the reading of 'footsteps' Kenny has received nothing but love and admiration from me ( even when he played five full backs at Arsenal and bought Jimmy Carter! ;))...but Im not here to talk  football.

When we took the wreaths to place on the Kop for Eric George Hughes we passed the players lounge , they where all there , comforting and consoling family members, children, wives, mothers, fathers....young men who just wanted to play football had become berievement councillors...and lead amongst them all was Kenny

Kenny was a focal point in those dark days , he was asked question he was in no position to answer , but he knew the answer the people of Liverpool and Liverpool fans needed, with dignity and charm he made sure his team gave us some respite from the pain.

I think Kenny is an uncomplicated man, his working class roots gave him the strength to be what he has become , a truly inspirational and dignified...Gentleman.

There will be calls to knight him, well I say no!...the Establishment cannot rubber stamp their approval now!! after all these years, if he was and accepted I would be proud for him, prouder to be honest if he said sick it!!

They say never meet your heroes, Well I did , Bill Shankly and John Peel  and it was wonderful to talk with them...there's a third, Kenny, I have never met him and probably best if I don't, as I would turn into a blubbering buffoon hugging and kissing him!!

We have a holy Trinity at Anfield, not the one Bill said, but he is one, he built the club, then Bob who guided us to glory....and Kenny ,not the footballer, not the manager, but the man who comforted us and took the responsibility to lead us when we needed it most.

"I would never, never leave you during your times of trial and suffering. When you saw only one set of footprints, It was then that I carried you"

Kenny Matherson Dalglish, we love you!

He really is amazing. A brilliant write up

Great words.

Was my hero growing up and still is today.

Never has there been such a humble and deserving man to bear the title of King.

Alf Garnett!:
What a fantastic post Saoirse.

Humble and reluctant hero a perfect summary,we have to mention Marina too-what an unbelievable couple we have with us.

Really..what does Kenny have to do to get a knighthood?

There isn't anyone more deserving-we love you King Kenny and your 'better half' Marina.

THere arE club legends, and then there's Kenny...LEGEND.


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