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Phil Scraton Hillsborough Archive (including full transcript of No Last Rights)

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Are the pdf's still available?  I have tried to get the longer pieces from Inter Library loan but as you can imagine these are not commonly held in US libraries.   



--- Quote from: Rushian on March 30, 2007, 01:46:13 am ---Professor Phil Scraton, author of "Hillsborough: The Truth" and "No Last Rights: The Denial of Justice and the Promotion of Myth in the Aftermath of the Hillsborough Disaster" has allowed us to store some of his writing on the Hillsborough Disaster on our server, to allow families, survivors and fans easy access to download the documents.

Here are the first four:


Here are the transcripts of No Last Rights, Professor Scraton's first book on the Disaster which is now out of print:


Here are the transcripts of the full first report from the project, published in 1990. It was titled Hillsborough and After: The Liverpool Experience and has an extensive chapter on the treatment of the bereaved and survivors in the immediate aftermath as well as an analysis of the early media coverage. This was also the first time anyone reported the events in the gymnasium on the evening of the disaster.

The floppy disk containing the documents was recently found but the data was indecipherable - after much trial and tribulation by the computer department at Phil's university they've managed to access it but due to the aforementioned problems please excuse mistakes, alignment etc.


I've uploaded Professor Phil Scraton's latest published article to his archive on RAWK - it is the lead article in the Winter edition of the international journal, Race and Class entitled:

'The legacy of Hillsborough: liberating truth, challenging power' vol 55 (2), pp1-27.

It was launched in November at the London School of Economics to a packed audience of families, including Hillsborough families, bereaved in a range of controversial circumstances, survivors, fans, academics, lawyers and so on.
The article can be accessed here:

Phil has also informed us that the new and final edition of Hillsborough: The Truth is published in a couple of weeks.

--- End quote ---
Thank you for sharing this valuable resource. Professor Scraton's work on Hillsborough is crucial for understanding the truth and seeking justice.  The extensive collection of documents provides an in-depth look into the disaster and its aftermath. Kudos to him for allowing easy access to this information. It's important for everyone, especially the affected families and survivors, to have these resources readily available. Good wishes.


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