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A Public Transport Wait.


Got up this morning knowing the Lads and some of you lot were gearing up for one of our most crucial matches of recent times and was tempted to hang around in the chatroom but seeing as I have only recently started this job my missus would'nt let me(whhh pissshhhh ::))

Had to endure a wait of public transport frustrations and proportions to see if we had advanced.

The talk generating from the bosses mouth... "and make sure you have your guide pins aligned properly or..." was taken in by my sub-consiousness and loosely translated by my brain to "...fuck I wonder if we did it, we must of I just know it..." etc etc.

The 4.30pm hooter went(yes, a hooter) well, I'm sure it was the Hooter as I's half way down the fuckin' road like Linford Christie at the Atlanta Olympics.

Would you believe my missus followed the game on the radio and told me as I walked in the door we had lost 1-3? Yeah I did'nt either so onto the net it was to relieve the longest day I've had in a while and of course you all know what I saw...

Liverpool 2-0 Roma

Well done lads. Well done Reds. Bloody beautiful.

Due to prior commitments I also missed the first half. Like Red Kiwi I was unable to concentrate on what I was listening to as well wondering what was happening. Due to end at 8:30, if I dash home on my bike I should at least be able to see the highlights of the first half. But the speaker carried on till 8:45!!!

Got out and straight on with the headphones. The Kop's still chanting - that's good! Alan Green sounds a little reticent, though, but he's talking about Roma having to make the changes - that's better. Finally the score, 1-0 after 6 ( :o ) minutes - Get in there.

Got home and settled down in front of the Telly just in time to hear "There's been a goal in Istanbul" - Yes!  :D - Galatasaray 0...  :-/

Then Emile scores - and the rest is a blur...  ;D ;D ;D

Later on I play the video of the 1st half - Blimey, we were good!!!  8)


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