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Return of the Gedi

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Whilst the evil "Empire" Man Utd have been have been plotting to rule again, the Kop's Gedi has been out on the mend readying for the ultimate push to over turn the Empire and the Emperor himself, one Mr. Ferguson. Sir Alex has collected the top prize of the English Premier League and his band of Red Devils have intimidated lesser sides into submission. Even though Gedi had collected a few prizes along the way, Sir Alex has still ruled with an iron fist. He has had his Beckhams' and Keanes' to run his ship. Whilst he has had some casualties in Stamm and Cole, he's brought in reinforcements such as RVN and Veron.

Now as the end is near, Gedi has returned to lead his men into the final battle for supremecy. Once nearly lost whilst in combat, Gedi has been seen rallying the knights. It may come down to a direct conflict. Gedi and his knights are well prepared having won five battles in a row from the Empire. Even without direct conflict, the evil emperor has forseen the ultimate prize slipping through his grasp.

Gedi has been reborn and will lead his knights to the ultimate prize. Once there, more will come as Gedi looks to further conquests. The Kop lies in wait as it all unfolds before them, singing Gedi's and his knights praises and readying themselves for more spoils from the victorious campaign.

;D ;D ;D

How long did you spend thinking that gem up??

That headline would make a great banner...

;D ;D ;D

Yes it would Anthony and I have just pinched the idea for teh offal flag competition.  ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D :lickin: :lickin: :lickin: :lickin: :lickin: :lickin:

Soz too good to pass up


Forgot about that!  ;D

Still, (looking for some moral high ground...) so long as you donate any winnings to 4Pool (and myself as agent, of course... ;) )

sod that.  There are only 2 free tickets available and I am getting one of those.  dunno who is gonna get the other (should I win that is)


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