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RAWK Advent Calendar 2014 #18 - Arsenal 1972 Tosh's Goal Mr Pickwick Disallowed

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sub was Thommo

gonna read this now

Mutton Geoff:

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sub was Thommo

gonna read this now

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thanks for that  i lost in the mist of cans of Tennants .


--- Quote from: Mutton Geoff on December 18, 2014, 01:02:08 pm ---thanks for that  i lost in the mist of cans of Tennants .

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good summary mate

honestly felt i read loads of peoples accounts of that goal, people who listened on car radios. heard the goal. jumped into their house and then realized it wasnt a goal. it honestly must have been heart breaking.

Timbo's Goals:
Well plucked out of the fading memory banks let alone north bank geoff lad. Great stuff.

I can still recall hearing about the disallowed goal while sat downstairs at the back of the jumper off 6C bus as it went down Bowring park Road coming back from seeing my girl in Roby. I presume someone on the bus must have had a radio.

As far as I'm concerned ever since I've always believed it was a goal and we've got 19 titles.


Crosby Nick:
Great read, thanks. I knew of the 3 way title fight (imagine this day and age where the final games aren't all played at the same time) but I don't think I new (or remembered) of the disallowed goal, and only two minutes from time.

Yorky mentioned in his piece that he can't fully celebrate a goal without quickly pausing to check that the ref has given it and I'm a bit like that although I can't think of the specific incident that sparked it off for me.


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