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RAWK Advent Calendar 2014 #18 - Arsenal 1972 Tosh's Goal Mr Pickwick Disallowed

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I really enjoyed reading this thread. Thank you Geoff.

For some reason I dont visit this sub forum much, I must make amends on that, its fascinating.

I became a red in the 76/77 season and to my shame I had no idea about this and how close we came. Despite all our success it's strange to think how much more we may have won over the years, the mind boggles.

Loved the MOTD opening titles, Terry Macs goal against Everton especially.

I'm a big one for nostalgia and sometimes, maybe go on a bit much about how it was better in my day. But it really was. The amount of different clubs who had a chance and who quite often took that chance. With the Forest years to come after the list Kavah posted.

Cheers Geoff, all the best.

So... Howard Phillips:

--- Quote from: kavah on December 18, 2014, 03:21:35 am ---thanks Geoff, great choice, this one is lost in the mists of time, at least for me. And after Yorky's mention of Alec Lindsay's cup final disallowed goal maybe we should have a top 10.

Some cracking English teams knocking round in the early 70s. We of course from 1975 burnt all of them off but before that it was very competitive and the season you spotlight, oh my gosh that must have caused a few heart attacks, and then trying to calculate the goal averages!

69/70 Everton (66), Leeds (57)
70/71 Arsenal (65), Leeds (64)
71/72 Derby County (58, GA 2.091), Leeds (57 GA 2.355) (Liverpool GA 2.133 3rd & Man City 4th 57pts GA 1.711 !!)
72/73 Liverpool (60), Arsenal (57)
73/74 Leeds United (62) , Liverpool (57)    
74/75 Derby County (53), Liverpool (51) (and 3rd Ipswich 51)

--- End quote ---

I listened to the match parked up in my car off Lodge Lane for the 71/72 finale. Took me about ten minutes to calculate the relative positions.

That's when the 1970s team kicked off.

Manila Vanilla:
I was at that game but it’s the first time I’ve seen the TV footage. We’d actually moved to Dover by now, though I managed to get to 33 games that season.

My grandfather, bless his heart, had queued for hours to get me a ticket for what was supposed to be the title decider, at Derby. It was a midweek game and I plucked up courage to ask if I could have the afternoon off school to go. I was told I could, provided I was at school the next morning. I got back at about 5.00am on the milk train – and we’d lost.

When the title was still up for grabs a week later I knew it would be a lockout, but I couldn’t risk asking for time off again. So I bunked off for the afternoon.

The “goal” is pretty much how I remember it. Kevin Keegan scuffed his shot for the first time in a remarkable debut season and Tosh was on his own, three yards from goal. I was at that end, the Clock End, and wasn’t surprised when it was given offside. The film isn’t conclusive but shows Tosh pretty much on his own. He wasn’t the most mobile of strikers and I’m not sure he had the speed to beat defenders to the ball.

To make matters worse, they’d done an unscheduled roll call at the start of the afternoon – and I got caught!


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