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I thought I'll just add this to the list, even though I've posted this a few weeks ago:

Liverpool 05/06 Goals Compilation - Part 1 (the goals till the Villa match)

heres some classic goals
(sorry this is my first time on rapid upload or any upload site so i dont no if it'll work)
if it doesn't tell me how to do it once it says "succesfully uploaded" your "download link is"
anyway heres a try

Highlights here -

Unfortunately at the mo, this is the biggest one i can find(somebody posted it a while ago)

Hope it helps:


--- Quote from: YNWA 2005 on December  8, 2005, 08:32:58 pm ---Does anyone have the video of Rafa on Soccer AM, from last season. It was on the 3rd eyes section?? Cheers

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