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Danielson vs Okada is coming, oh boy.  And likely on the same card as the Omega vs Ospreay rematch.

Stockholm Syndrome:
Last year was concerned that the card wasn't full of dream matches, was perhaps weak, and it ended up an all timer PPV.

This next one has Omega vs Ospreay and Okada vs Danielson - fucking hell that's some dream matches

Also in AEW/NJPW news, Eddie Kingston is in G1 Climax - from a guy about to retire doing death matches in a guys backyard, to Main Eventing AEW in Heavyweight title matches, and G1 Climax

disgraced cake:
RIP Iron Sheikh. One of the funniest bastards ever.

Amazed he lasted this long.


I hope he haunts Hulk Hogan


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