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Nasty broken leg/ankle for Dante Martin from a huge spot in the Ring of Honour Supercard ladder match. Shame as 2023 looked like being a breakout year for Top Flight after Darius's injuries kept him sidelined previously.

Apparently the Vikingo/Komander opening match was worth a watch.

Stockholm Syndrome:
Drew McIntyre apparently in the final year of his contract and "Not even close to agreeing terms"

If he is to leave, while I don't think AEW should go for every WWE star who leaves, should be all over him. Great worker, great look, star name, would look HUMONGOUS in AEW

I've been a good boy:
What time is Mania starting tonight? Still not a big fan of the two-night format but it makes sense from a business point of view

Starts at 1am

Rollins vs Logan was great. KSI spot was sweet


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