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Stockholm Syndrome:
In NJPW news, seems Kota Ibushi's contract has ended as of an hour ago (Feb 1st) and the minute it happened he got announced for a GCW show and returning to the ring.

Wouldn't be massively shocked to see him arrive at AEW

Hope he does turn up in AEW, but would be surprised if he signs a contract with them, seems he just wants to do his own thing.

Leaping Lanny poffo aka the genius has died

He was also the real life brother of the macho man


Pinged my brother a message about that this evening. The second ever VHS we had was Royal Rumble 1990, where the Genius had a singles match with Brutus Beefcake and read out a poem beforehand that I still clearly recall ending "I'm the world's smartest man, and Beefcake's double dumb!"

As a result he has an outsized place in my memories of the era, but certainly forged a niche that the likes of Smart Mark Sterling (and Peter Avalon as the Librarian) in AEW still leaned on.

Yes I still have that vhs somewhere and remember that poem

I love Hogan's reaction there, Genius actually wins that by countout

Mr Perfect comes down and distracts Hogan, and even smashed up the belt


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