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Stockholm Syndrome:
Fucking STELLAR promo by Ricky Starks just now

Also it has to be said Dynamite hasn't been brilliant for a fair bit, and shedding a bit of light on it, Tony Khan has apparently been dealing with his mother who had 2 strokes between All Out and Grand Slam. So between the Brawl Out fallout, and dealing with that, AND new PL and NFL season, yeah maybe it is fair to say he may not have had eyes on the ball

I enjoyed "Dollar Store Dwayne", and "Skipping you (Pebble) back to Billy Corgan's NWA on Youtube" from MJF, but Starks knocked the responses out of the park.

That was an excellent show, having a hot crowd helped a bunch but there was so much good there.  Starks took his shot and the tag match was brilliant.

Not keen on that Regal stuff but I get why they did it.

Even the women's match was decent.

Really enjoyed Starks spearing the shoes off of MJF.

Stockholm Syndrome:

--- Quote from: John_P on December  8, 2022, 11:40:21 pm ---Really enjoyed Starks spearing the shoes off of MJF.

--- End quote ---

That was such a good detail. Credit to MJF wearing slip ons and flinging his legs hard enough to send them flying.

Someone made the point that Starks going full on Working Class hero, along with the quicky snappy "out of no where" finisher that gets a big pop, is all very DDP


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