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One Bird on a Shirt

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One bird on a shirt, jockey's smile still beaming, 30 years of hurt, never stopped me dreaming. So many hopes so many fears and all those oh so nears, wear you down, through the years and I still see that Palace three all, Stevie slip on the ball, Suarez biting them all and Kompany scoring...


First stab at this, thoughts? improvements? Send to Jamie Webster or try harder in my day job?

I'm no wordsmith but it's a bit like England's "3 lions" song.  The 30 years of hurt and the bird on a shirt.

No doubt the message is good but with different words

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That's the idea and the tune. 30 years etc. Agreed though, I'm no England fan so if its too cheese it ends here.

an tha:
The thought of singing that tune which for me represents little ingerlunder s*n plastic bowler hat wearing, shite george cross flag with shitty town and on tour written on it carrying beauts, makes me feel mildly sick.

We are Liverpool, we don't do that kind of shite - that is part of Ingerlunds culture, we have our own.

Fair point well made and in the cold light of the day after, I actually agree.

Note to self... Don't post pissed.


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