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Dave McCoy:
Not sure if anyone wants to do a cut/paste from fbref but we currently have the top 4 attackers in the league.  Granted Firmino is on really low minutes now but still, by almost any metric we’re as good as we’ve ever been from an attack standpoint.


(In response to your suggestion Dave, some others did it for us.)

Nice to see Phil Neal at the bottom of the expected goals chart  ;)

Fair play to Michail Antonio for featuring highly on both xG and xA, and clearly rumours of Andy Robertson's demise have been overstated..

Dave McCoy:

--- Quote from: royhendo on December  1, 2021, 01:14:02 pm ---Striking.

(In response to your suggestion Dave, some others did it for us.)

--- End quote ---

We're just really fucking good.  It's unfortunate that a coin flip over 180 minutes in the CL or some good or bad bounces while some of our best players are away at AFCON will be the decider in how a lot of our fans think of this season.

JC the Messiah:
Liverpool became the first English top-flight side ever to score two-or-more goals in 18 straight matches in all competitions.

They also became the first to bag at least two goals in 14 consecutive games away from home.


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