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Anyone know anything about Villa moving their away end?

the red rebel:
phil not sure where they have moved it to but deffo moved, almost certainly more of the stand at the side, an no behind the goal now.

heard this from a villa fan the other week, they had fans running onto the pitch when the away team scored last few years and are moving them to the pitchside oppisite from dugouts


--- Quote from: Huyton Phil on July  1, 2007, 10:19:06 am ---Anyone know anything about Villa moving their away end?

--- End quote ---

Was on their site a few weeks back, Phil, that they were chucking a load of cheap seasies in the end behind the goal that we normally occupy. I imagine we'll get a chunk of the stand opposite the dugouts where until now we've only had a handful in the lower tier in the corner there.

Yes they will be in the Upper wings of the Doug Ellis and Lower Wings of

the Doug Ellis


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