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Babbel/Rosetta Stone do they work?

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So the need to learn Spanish has come to the forefront for me this year. My wife is Colombian and almost her entire family doesn't speak a word of English. I tried learning spanish about 2 years ago but it didn't work out for various reasons. So this year I am actively looking for a way to learn spanish, be it a local class here or an online program or whatever.

I always see these ads pop up for Babbel or Rosetta Stone learning and whatnot and was wondering if the programs actually work? Are they worth the investment or do I just  look for something local?


I learned German with Babbel (also have previous experience with German) and I wouldn't necessarily recommend it, but it's an okay tool to use as one source of learning if you can afford it. You should use other tools to learn too because just using one app isn't enough if you want to really learn. I would recommend using an app called Anki where you can download the most common word in Spanish and learn that way. You can learn the grammar from Babbel. I would also read news in Spanish and put Spanish subtitles on all of the shows you watch.

Because you have someone to practice speaking with in your house, have a look at duolingo.


--- Quote from: Claire. on January 20, 2023, 01:17:58 pm ---Because you have someone to practice speaking with in your house, have a look at duolingo.

--- End quote ---

Will have a look at that thanks. The problem is my wife doesn't really speak Spanish to me, she wants to practice her english, so...

But will see what I can find.

have one day speaking Spanish, one day speaking English ;D


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