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Obviously we're desperate for a reset and rethink during the World Cup break so lets see what players Klopp will have to work with

Definitely not going

GK - Adrian, Kelleher

DEF - Matip (retired from Cameroon squad), Robertson, Ramsay, Tsimikas, Nat Phillips, Bajcetic, Chambers

Midfield - Milner, Keita, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Jones, Elliott, Clark, Arthur (depending on fitness)

Striker - Salah, Diaz (depending on fitness)

Question marks

Trent (because Southgate is a c*nt)
Gomez (depends on if his Leeds game hasn't bombed his chances)
Konate (depends on fitness)
Carvalho (with Jota out he is now in with a shout in Portugal)
Jota (obviously out but doesn't sound like a season ender)
Thiago (didn't make the Spain squad for the Nations League but still has a chance)

So there can be a squad that could be cobbled out of that.

So first thing. Do we give those players a break? Recharge and come back after the world cup or do they treat it like a Pre-Season? Can we work with that squad? Work on a system that gets the most out of those players so that going into the Villa game on 26th December we use that spine with a mix of those come back early from Qatar?

I guess what I'm saying is that if we went into Villa with this team


Milner, Matip, Gomez/Konate, Robertson

Keita, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Jones,

Elliott Salah, Diaz

But working to a system that they spend the entire world cup working on, would you panic?

Can't we do both?

Couple of weeks off for those not struggling with fitness then in for a mini pre season.

It's a 6wk break isn't it?

Mister Flip Flop:
Honestly though Scotland had qualified up until yesterday so great that Robbo is getting a rest.

El Lobo:
I think you can move Konate and Carvalho to definitely not going, France and Portugal are stacked in those positions. And Gomez hasn't played for England for over two years, again feels pretty unlikely he'll go. Thiago feels unlikely too considering he rarely plays. So I think potentially you could be looking at only Alisson, Trent, VVD, Hendo, Fab and Nunez going and only Alisson, VVD and Nunez playing a significant amount. And Trent/Fab will be interesting to see if they even get into the squad.

Just give them all a 6 week break and turn up a couple of days before Boxing Day. Jurgen should get a 4 week break. The rest of the coaching staff and medical team no break and told to work their arses off to find out what went wrong.


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