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Liverpool FC has released the following ticket information for the first leg of the Champions League quarter-final at Benfica on Tuesday April 5.

Kick-off at the Estadio da Luz is at 8pm local time.

The club has received an allocation of 3,250 tickets for this all-ticket fixture. In line with UEFA guidelines, a further 200 top category seats have been allocated to be used as part of the players' allocation, staff, travelling club staff and VIPs.

Ticket prices: £37.61

Ticket sales notice: Benfica and the Portuguese authorities have requested that a robust verification process is in place for the issuing of tickets, and the club will therefore be carrying out a ticket collection process for this fixture.

Following an internal review and consultation with supporter groups after the Internazionale away fixture, we will be making changes to improve the process.

Tickets will be issued in the form of an e-ticket and will include the full name and passport number of the supporter using the ticket and attending the game.

We are working on securing a venue for the ticket collection point and anticipate that it will be in the centre of Lisbon. 

We can also confirm that the collection point will be open on Monday April 4 from 5pm-8pm (local time), and again from 10am-7.30pm (local time) on matchday. 

Further information regarding the ticket collection process will be sent to the supporter who has made the booking on Friday April 1. 

Benfica have informed us that ticket checks will be in place around the stadium before entry is permitted. Therefore, to avoid any issues in Lisbon, we strongly advise supporters adhere to the following:


The details of EVERY SUPPORTER ATTENDING must be provided at point of sale:

First name
Date of birth
Country of birth
Passport or National Identity Number
Mobile number
Email address
Outbound travel date
Method of travel into Lisbon - plane/car/coach/train
Estimated time of arrival into Lisbon
Accommodation details
Return travel date
If duplicate supporter details are provided for more than one ticket, only one ticket will be issued for that supporter. 

Fans are advised that name changes cannot be made once tickets have been purchased. Refunds will also not be considered for duplicated supporter records.

The ‘ticket distribution’ option is not available for this fixture.


To speed up the ticket collection process and to assist with queue management, we ask that ONLY ONE of the supporters named on the online form within each booking collects ALL tickets in that booking. 

The person making the booking will receive the ticket collection email on Friday April 1, which will include:

A unique reference number for the whole booking
Address and opening/closing times of the ticket collection point
Tickets will be issued to the supporter collecting the tickets only if:

They are named as one of the supporters on the online form
Proof of ID is provided - UK driving license or passport is accepted
They bring a copy of the ticket purchase confirmation email that will include the names of the supporters provided on the online form 
They bring a copy of the ticket collection email that will include the unique reference number
As both emails are sent to the supporter purchasing the tickets, it is the responsibility of that supporter to ensure the emails are forwarded to the supporter collecting the tickets. 


Tickets are available online and you may have to queue at times.

Tickets will be available to season ticket holders and official Members who purchased the following Champions League away fixtures during the 2019-20 season:

Atletico Madrid
FC Salzburg
KRC Genk
SSC Napoli
First sale: Tickets will be available ONLINE to season ticket holders and official Members who purchased TWO or more of the above Champions League away fixtures recorded during the 2019-20 season.

Time of sale: From 11am Friday March 25 until 12.30pm Monday March 28.

First sale status: Guaranteed - one ticket per qualifying supporter, up to a maximum of 10 tickets per booking.

Second sale: Tickets will be available ONLINE to season ticket holders and official Members who purchased ONE of the above Champions League away fixtures recorded during the 2019-20 season.

Time of sale: From 1pm until 2.30pm Monday March 28.

Second sale status: Not guaranteed - one ticket per qualifying supporter, up to a maximum of four tickets per booking.

If tickets remain, a third sale will then take place as follows:

Third sale: Tickets will be available ONLINE to all season ticket holders and official Members.

Time of sale: From 3pm Monday March 28 until 8am Tuesday March 29.

Third sale status: Not guaranteed - one ticket per qualifying supporter, up to a maximum of four tickets per booking.

Disabled: We will be provided with nine wheelchair bays and associated personal assistants priced at £37.61 for the pair.

Qualifying wheelchair supporters should contact us to register their interest no later than 4pm Friday March 25 by emailing and marking the subject field - Benfica Away.

Please note that if the number of applications exceeds the number of wheelchair bays available, a ballot will take place with priority given to those who have recorded the highest number of European away games from the 2019-20 season.

Hospitality members: Sir Kenny Dalglish Stand executive box holders, premium level and Centenary club members should contact the hospitality team on 0151 264 2222, option 2.


Benfica have advised that all fans will be refused entry if:

They are not in possession of their passport
The name on the ticket does not match the name on the passport
An attempt has been made to remove or change the details on the ticket
There will also be enhanced body searches in operation, with additional ticket checkpoints in place prior to fans reaching the turnstiles. 

Under 3’s are not permitted into the stadium.


As previously stated, tickets purchased this season WILL NOT BE USED AS CREDITS IN FUTURE SEASONS. This policy is still in place and will not be changed this season.

As a result of the ongoing pandemic impact, WE WILL NOT BE USING THIS GAME AS A CREDIT DURING THE CURRENT SEASON EITHER. We do not want supporters to feel obliged to travel when they do not feel comfortable doing so.

This policy will be reviewed on a game-by game basis during the competition this season, with details provided ahead of each game.


We would also like to remind supporters that important safety information for supporters travelling to Lisbon will be provided in the lead up to the game. 

The information provided is in conjunction with Portuguese authorities and LFC club officials, and we strongly advise that you follow all the information and instructions given.                                       

For further away support information, click here.


We advise that supporters refer to and meet the entry requirements on the UK Government website for the latest updates and read the conditions for stadium entry here.

Please note that Liverpool FC will not be responsible for any supporter being refused entry either into the stadium, the city of Lisbon or the country of Portugal.

Sounds like it's going to be a ballache getting the ticket and into the ground.

Price is sound

Glad it's not too expensive. Guess they'll just use an away from a previous season if we make Paris going forward which i think is fair enough really (well, not that fair if people just bought for the credit, but it is what it is  ;D)

I land about 4pm though so a little tight perhaps.

I think they said all of this for Porto away and it wasn't enforced at the ground. Let see!

If anyone has a card with away credit they aren't using, please PM. Happy to swap for any home game this season.

Jeeeeez! No credit counting for this season either  :o :o

I wonder if they'll go back to 17/18 or 18/19 and use Rome/Barcelona for guaranteed final ticket if they also do this for the semi final (if we get there)


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