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RAWK Hacked..?

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--- Quote from: Statto Red on April 30, 2020, 01:07:04 pm ---Yep the skim links one appears on almost every forum, it can be irritating when reading a post next thing you have a random word(s) being highlighted for shopping links by skim links, ad blockers solve this issue.

--- End quote ---

I very rarely see it on here and don't use any ad blockers.

Hi just thought I'd let you know my password was changed without my knowledge within last 24hrs
Have we had a data breech if so what has been accessed ?

Ben S:
When do you think it was changed and when did you (presumably) change it back?


--- Quote from: Ben S on October 22, 2022, 09:14:54 am ---When do you think it was changed and when did you (presumably) change it back?

--- End quote ---
Hi I logged in around midnight Thursday/Friday untill well into early hours and when I tried logging in just before 2am this morning I kept getting 'incorrect password'. I tried about 10 times before clicking on 'forgot password' which sent an email to an old e-mail address which I then used to change password.
My username was 100% correct and I'm 99.999%  sure I was using the correct password .

Google tells me I'm using an Orbis OS  based on a FreeBSD 9 (which is all greek to me )

However thinking back, in the past when using this browser on some websites like Inland Revenue for example the characters displayed dont correspond with what's been typed   :o ???

Orbis OS is PS4 browser?


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