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Seeing as we have a thread going to post all the organisations offering help to those effected, this one is for people to ask for help.

If any of you need anything or know of someone who does but you are unable to help yourself, post it on here to see if it can be matched to someone who can.

It may be help with shopping, cleaning or even repair jobs round the house.

Maybe mowing the lawn, walking the dog or any number of little things that will prey heavily on the mind of an elderly or vulnerable person.

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Can anyone help with this?

They're asking for anyone with 3d printers to help with the manufacture of medical equipment.

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Great thread. Everyone should make sure to check in daily.

Any supply teachers on here?

Also might be of help for those agency staff that have been asking about being furloughed and if they qualify for the 80% wages.

Latest news for supply teachers, TAs and Cover Supervisors
Can we be furloughed and entitled to 80% pay?
Yes. If you are paid via agency they are responsible. If you are paid via an umbrella company they will be responsible for your furlough.
More details:

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Uber (taxi app) providing free lifts to work for NHS staff. Also providing free food delivery.


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