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Ticket Prices
« on: August 28, 2015, 03:35:39 pm »

Twenty's Plenty saved fans £396,000 during 2014-15

Last season almost 35,000 top-flight supporters saved £396,000 thanks to Twenty’s Plenty reciprocal deals. Twenty’s Plenty for Away Tickets was launched in 2013 and aims to make away days more affordable by encouraging clubs to set up cheap, reciprocal deals.

Without travelling supporters, and the spectacle they create, football would not attract such mega media deals. Clubs could lose billions.

While football prices are by no means "fixed" we are very proud that Twenty’s Plenty has saved 68,000 fans a total of £738,000 since its launch. In 2013-14 fans saved £342,000.

It's not just the Premier League where high prices exist though and we'd encourage fans at all clubs to get involved in ticket price campaigns.

Twenty’s Plenty works outside the top-flight too - in June Coventry City agreed to charge away fans visiting the Ricoh Arena no more than £20.

Last season’s top-flight reciprocal deals:
Home    Away    Fans (#)    Saving (£)    Total (£)
Swansea City    Burnley    1037    10    10370
Swansea City    WBA    1646    10    16460
Aston Villa    Hull City    1472    10    14720
Southampton    Newcastle Utd    1439    12    17268
Sunderland    Swansea City    476    10    4760
Stoke    Newcastle Utd    1482    10    14820
Swansea City    Newcastle Utd    1015    10    10150
Everton    Swansea City    1388    10    13880
WBA    Newcastle Utd    2,681    24    64344
QPR    Burnley    1523    10    15230
Newcastle Utd    Everton    3245    5    16225
Burnley    QPR    1122    10    11220
Newcastle Utd    Southampton    1663    12    19956
Swansea City    Sunderland    1630    10    16300
Newcastle Utd    Stoke City    1606    10    16060
Hull City    Aston Villa    1340    5    6700
WBA    Swansea City    1670    10    16700
Burnley    Swansea City    1179    10    11790
Everton    Newcastle Utd    2340    14    32760
Swansea City    Everton    1761    10    17610
Newcastle Utd    Swansea City    1243    17    21131
Newcastle Utd    WBA    2530    11    27830

- Savings measured against previous season’s equivalent pricing or fixture

What can I do to back Twenty's Plenty? Campaign actions:

    PROTEST: Football fans will make their anger at ticket prices known in a “weekend of action” protests taking place on Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th October and we want you to get involved. Click here to find out what you can do or email
    LOBBYING: Lobby your club to set up reciprocal deals. No two clubs are the same and this might take different forms - how about starting an email campaign or bring together various fans' groups and fanzines to meet with your club? If you follow a top-flight club, point out to them they have an unbudgeted £1.2m burning a hole in their pocket. Can they use this on fans?
    PETITION: Sign our #ShareTVWealth petition - this automatically triggers an email to your club and the relevant league outlining your support for lower prices/redistribution of TV wealth throughout the pyramid. It's a vital step in this campaign as the Premier League and Football League always insist that clubs hold the power.

What about home fans? Too many clubs charge too much money for tickets - and that often applies to home ticket prices as well (although home fans can benefit from season ticket discounts and local promotions which mean away fans on average pay more). However, we believe a campaign focused on away fans has more chance of delivering results.

ARTICLE AMENDS: Figures updated on 26th August with Swansea City v Burnley figures added and 27th August with Newcastle United/Spurs games removed as ticket/transport savings were not done on a reciprocal basis.
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