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did you hear about the Scot living down in plymouth that was sentenced to stay north of the border for 5 years, by a 16th century law, for brawling in pubs?

his soliciter said he accepted the ruling, but wanted to extend the area he could travel around freely to include Anfield, so he could see his beloved Reds!

the judge said 'no', which i reckon is pretty tight!  ;D

Sabbi yypia:
LOL maybe he should take his case to the ECHR or something, its a bit barbaric innit

The judge said that that would form part of his punishment.  The bloke also said that he would rather have to stay up in Scottie for 5 years, than do a stretch in jail.  I have never lived in Scotland, but don't think it would be that bad (or even that different), but I think I'd rather do a month in jail (probably a lot less if it was just a brawl) than never be able to go to Anfield for five years.  Let alone the rest of England.

What you guys think ?


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