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a question for one of the mods

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John C:
I've gone with the second one mate

Al 666:
Personally I preferred the third option John.  ;D

Billy Elliot:
Mods - just a thought.

The 92A:

--- Quote from: Billy Elliot on May 18, 2021, 11:17:19 pm ---Mods - just a thought.

--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: John C on May 18, 2021, 11:26:21 pm ---No, the club have set clear rules and are being extremely flexible in the first instance.The thread will be locked if the discussion continues mate.
--- End quote ---

There is a real problem with touting and we support any measures that are put in place to stop that, of course we want to help the genuine times you can't go because of sickness or increasingly shift work patterns that genuinely mean you need to pass your ticket on, or people who share season tickets because of cost but the family and friends is extremely flexible this year and should take care of that, any abuse gives the club a reason to reduce flexibility.

fucking appalled:
Can we get the Gini thread re-opened now he's officially left?


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