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Ronnie King (The 98th Angel)


Ronnie King The 98th Angel

Hold their hand, as today is that day.
Give them a hug, it can go a long way.
Give them your time, lend them an ear.
Because today is that time of year.
Be there to listen, to take in every word.
35 years on, I have my prayers prepared.
Prayers for our red family, who we lost.
And for survivors who still count the cost.
I remember victims too like Ronnie King.
His name to your attention I wish to bring.
On the Memorial, his name is not there.
Ronnie died years later, now in God’s care.
A ’98th Angel’ it wouldn’t be wrong to say.
So today for Ronnie King I will also pray.

Ronnie was a ‘survivor’ of Hillsborough…he never recovered from the harrowing experience and sadly took his own life many years later, leaving a young family behind. Ronnie's daughter Rachel, kindly wrote the foreword for one of my Hillsborough books

YNWA Ronnie x

Red Beret:
Thoughts are with you and your family. RIP, Ronnie.

Kenny's Jacket:
Lovely words Mike

Rip Ronnie YNWA

Well spoken Mike.



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