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The Guardian have published a long, and fairly definitive, account of the brutal and disgusting way the legal system once again closed ranks to protect the establishment and deny justice to the 97 during the (mis)trials of the last few years. Itís not news to anyone here, but sharing for those who wonít be coming across it on the Guardian. Even though we know every word of it itís still beyond comprehension the way the last few years played out after the Independent Panel and Inquests exposed the truth. Donít have much I can say as, as you all will be, just filled with anger and sadness at reading it all againÖ

(Havenít seen this elsewhere, but if it is or mods would rather it was somewhere else please do delete/move)

Thank you, David Conn. An important summary although it goes nowhere near uncovering all the police lies. It does, however, express some of the anger, disappointment and frustration that we all feel.

Excellent that thanks for posting.

Salty Dog:
Really enlightening and powerful piece about just how the "justice system" truly failed the families of the 97. Thank you for sharing.

duvva 💅:
David Conn has written some excellent stuff over the years on Hillsborough. Another really insightful article, thanks for drawing attention to it


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