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The Cap n Gown gets very busy and they start shutting the doors when it gets too packed.

That happened to me this year so if you encounter it take a walk down the road to the right of the cap n gown as you look at the pub and you'll come to a boozer called the Yew Tree. Actually think it's called "McNulty's" or something these days actually.

I went there last season and this season when they wouldn't let me in the cap n gown and it's a sound pub.

Easy enough to get served, normally get a seat, both sets of fans but no aggro and also a beer garden out the back.

I strongly recommend Chinese buffet restaurant called "Big Wok"

It costs 4.99 for lunch (until 5pm) and 8.99 for dinner, however you have to pay extra for any drinks.

So when you arrive at Birmingham and before the match, I suggest you visit there for lunch/dinner after or before the match.

You can find where it is on this website -

Been to 2 games at Villa Park one the FA Semi-final of the 2001 treble season and this years 2-0 win in the league.

Very much impressed with the stadium and the fact it isn't far to a local shopping district which has McDonald's, KFC, BK etc in it which is far better than the usual salmonella on wheels. We parked in one the local dodgy estates about 10 minutes walk away, which there was a contingant of the local scum doing the usual car park trick. But a couple of quid and they were fine.

we parked in an estate about 10 minutes walk away this season and the car infront of us had all the windows smashed in with the brick nicely placed on the bonnet!   We ended up putting the brick under the drivers seat of our car!

in that case think ill park in a proper car park and cab it i like my windows :)


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