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--- Quote from: Roper on November 25, 2005, 08:19:01 am ---.

Pub guide and extras
The pubs near the ground can be quite partisan, so its  recommend to get a drink somewhere on the journey there. There are quite a few pubs on the Kings Road as long as you don't break into a chorus of "Liiiiverpool".

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Hmm, a few missed that piece of advice.

Not naming my choice of pub, but just walk any direction 10 mins away and you will get a good crowd of mixed fans, keen to chat.

You need to move back to about row 7 to get under the overhang of the Shed Upper to avoid getting gobbed on.  Even their own fans are disgusted with the habit.

Big Jan:
One good thing is that they have loads of beers ready poured in the fridges for half time.

Before the game we drank in the Courtfield by Earls Ct station. This pub was full of reds.
We walked to and from the ground from here, took bout 15 mins. 

Gus 1855:
My suggestion boozer wise would be to stay away from the pubs in Fulham Broadway, they are crap, and full of arseholes!

I would say head up towards Fulham Cross, further down Fulham Road. It becomes proper Fulham territory there (near where I live) and you will find Fulham fans cheering us on!

The Slug and Lettuce was good. Nice of them to put that DVD on too :D

So lads. Where we drinking?


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