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Everton - Goodison Park
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Address : Goodison Park, Goodison Road, Liverpool, L4 4EL
Telephone : 0151 330 2200
Capacity : 40,569
Away Allocation: 3000

To see Everton's remaining fixtures Everton

Away fans are located in one corner of the two tiered, Bullens Road Stand, which is at the side of the pitch, where just over 3,000 away fans can be accommodated. If you can, try to get tickets for the upper tier, as the view from the lower tier can be quite poor. In the rear of the lower tier there are a number of supporting pillars that can hinder your view, the seating is of the old wooden type and the gap between rows is tight.

Obviously, its a grab where you can policy on derby day so if in recent years if yer in the home end it can get a bit tasty...happy days!

Pub guide and extras

Away Fans
Bullens Upper Visitors: Adult 37, Child 19 (under 16)
Bullens Lower Visitors: Adult 35/32, Over 65s 21, Child 17 (under 16)

Official Programme: 3
Satis Fanzine: 1
Speke From The Harbour: 1

Stadium Plan

A: Upper Bullens
B: Lower Bullens
C: Paddock

Disabled Facilities

Shit Hole


* For fixtures against Liverpool & Manchester United, the ticket price quoted above is increased by 3.

Is this to cover the extra police required ?

Paul Ando:
Shitty ground shitty ground...


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