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The small things in life that make you happy

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In the service of balance I think we needed a thread like this. So:

When my random shuffle plays a song I'm really into.

My cat purring.

Finding a book in a used book store that I've been looking for.

Strangers smiling at you and wishing you a good day.

Freshly ground coffee.

Civilised queues for boarding a bus.

Popcorn clouds.

A sharp and clear autumn morning.

Re-reading Plato.

etc etc.

Latenight Surfer:
Your avatar does service to this thread.

Johnny B. Goode:
The feeling you get when you just walked out of a warm place onto the windy, cold and yet reinvigorating street. I love everything about it: the first sensations of the winds coming to you, the smell of coldness and the general feeling of being free;

Random good deeds or just politeness from strangers;

The smell of salty, seasoned rice stemming from the little hole on the lid of the rice cooker;

Bubble wrap;

How I feel just before I fall asleep;

People smiling at you when your eye randomly cross;

The stains on the pillars of the gates I walk past every morning that look like poetic faces;

Being in movement, be it on a bus, train, car or just walking around;

Sleeping in a park;

Foggy autumn mornings;

The 'good deed feed' on the Metro I sometimes read on the morning bus;

Absolutely anything related to the Beach Boys, like finding a single CD no one knows or care about and thanking the world for the existence of the kind soul that bothered to put it up for sale in the shop;

Walking into a new city as you come out of the station or airport and feeling its smell for the first time, however unpleasant, as each city has a unique odour;

Everything my dog does, however minor or irrelevant;

And loads more. I just realised there are much more things that make me happy than things that piss me off  ;D

Being all wrapped up on a freezing cold, clear winter evening with the smell of open fires in the air. Wasting an afternoon just people-watching because you don't have anywhere else that you need to be. Journeys to new places with my headphones in, daydreaming. Cats.

Card Cheat:
Running through leaves in the Autumn
Ben & Jerry's
Laughing at fuck all
Cheeky glasses of wine
Fat pants
Gerard Butler
My cats little poos


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