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Liverpool Fans Arrested


Liverpool 25:
Fans arrested for sex assault

Three Liverpool football fans have been arrested in Barcelona for an alleged sexual assault on at least one prostitute.
The British men, aged between 25 and 36, were arrested hours before Liverpool's Champions League match against Barcelona on Wednesday.

It is also alleged the men stole a mobile phone and 40 euros in cash during the attack in the toilets of a cafe.

A police patrol detained the trio in the mid-afternoon after a waiter at the cafe on the Ramblas boulevard, in the centre of the city, tipped them off.

They are being held at a police station in the city and will appear before a court in Barcelona on Thursday morning charged with "sexual aggression".

Security presence

Merseyside Police Superintendent Dave Lewis, who accompanies Liverpool fans to foreign matches, said he thought two women were hurt in the alleged attack.

He said: "As I understand it there were two prostitutes involved and they needed hospital treatment for their injuries. We will know more in the morning."

Spanish police added that earlier on Wednesday about 20 Liverpool fans had stormed a clothes shop and stolen about 150 items.

Store owner Antoni Torrents told reporters the skirmish reminded him of "looting in Argentina," a reference to recent unrest in Argentina which broke out in the wake of the country's economic crisis.

A huge security operation is in place in Barcelona this week, ahead of a summit of European Union leaders on Friday and Saturday.

BBC News - Full Story

Ok the Sexual Attacks out of order but you have to laugh at the "about 20 Liverpool fans stormed a clothes shop and took about 150 pieces of clothing."  That made me chuckle. ;D

fucking pricks! grow up!

especially the ones that assaulted the women: sick bastards!

saph (feminist and proud)


--- Quote ---fucking pricks! grow up!

especially the ones that assaulted the women: sick bastards!

--- End quote ---

second that  :wanker:

sounds like a load of bollocks to me. Didn't see any trouble around the Ramblas or the stadium, there was just to many armed bussies everywhere.....

The only trouble I heard of was in the square before the match, something to do with a Pool fan trying to bite the head of someones chicken they'd just brought. The whole place went right off  :)

Good singing in square no trouble and police with batons in big riot vans came up...fucked it off then :no:


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