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ignorant more like!! after the game on wednesday we were finaly let out of the ground. i then went back into the ground next to the tunnel and had a chat with a few of the players as they were carrying out their 'warm down'. gary mac was a laugh and we had a good bit of banter and took some nice photo's. sammy lee was really pleased we had made the effort to come and have a chat. and then there was nicolas. the guy did not even acknowledge me. now i am not saying i should be treated as a star, but i wished the guy all the best for the rest of the season and expressed my hope that we would sign him soon. the guy looked totally disinterested and yes, MOODY!! now what the fuck is that all about. as the players were driven out of the stadium, i got the thumbs up from tommo as he was talking to our master gerrard on the phone, also sammy, jar, jamie carrager. and was given a nice lfc badge from one of the stewards from the coach. but anelka?? oh no, wouldn't even fucking smile as i clapped the coach away. now call me sensitive, call me childish, call me an expectant old fool, (just don't call me late for breakfast),  but don't fucking treat me like an annoyance when i have especially tried to make you welcome. now, i have had my say... thank you lfc and yes, thank you nicolas. but please have the fucking decency to look interested at least!!!!

C.B Alonso:
Sad to hear that hes moody,

but i think the lad is a bit shy or doesnt like the attention.

hes playing well at the moment though... ;D

Told Anelka. ur not bein sad, does my head in wen they only clap from the half way line at the end of a game, shud get right down to the away end, we paid and spent our own time to come and watch them.

Hey, football is like real life, some people are nice, others are not.

Agree with cltadam bout the players after the game. yesterday only a few (abel, dudek and carra i think) came anywhere near the away end when the whole stand was on its feet clapping the players off, most went straight for the tunnel.


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