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Arsenal - Emirates Stadium
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Squad Profile & Fixtures

Address: Arsenal FC, Highbury House, 75 Drayton Park, London N5 1BU
Telephone: 020 7704 4000
Fax: 020 7704 4001
24 hour Ticket Info: 020 7704 4242
Box Office: 020 7704 4040
Dial-a-Ticket: 0870 3800 232
Clubcall: 0891 20 20 20
Capacity: 60,355
Away end: 2,914

For a street map of the area & the ground click here

By Road
Supporters are strongly advised not to drive to Emirates Stadium. The ground is situated in a mainly residential area with an extensive Event Day Parking Scheme in operation. Only car owners with resident's permits will be allowed to park on-street in the designated areas and any cars parked illegally will be towed away.

By Rail
King's Cross is the main connecting station for national rail and many underground lines. From here you can travel to the ground via the Piccadilly Line (to Arsenal) or the Victoria Line (to Highbury & Islington). Alternatively, a short overground rail journey of one stop will take you to Finsbury Park station.

Arsenal (Piccadilly Line) is the nearest tube station, around three minutes walk from the ground. Finsbury Park (Victoria, Piccadilly Lines and Great Northern rail) and Highbury & Islington (Victoria Line, North London Line and Great Northern rail) stations are around a 10-minute walk - these should be slightly less crowded.

N.B. Holloway Road station will be exit-only before and after matches with pre match eastbound trains non-stopping.

For an Interactive London Underground Map CLICK HERE

Crowd management after matches at Emirates Stadium
To ensure safe entry and exit from local stations, a managed queuing system will be in place.

Arsenal station
Queuing will be outside on Gillespie Road.

Finsbury Park station
Queuing will be outside on Seven Sisters Road/Isledon Road and St Thomas's Road/Rock Street.

Highbury & Islington station
Queuing will be on the south side of Holloway Road. Spectators are advised to follow the route down Holloway Road as no direct access to the station or queuing system will be available from Highbury Fields.

Hornsey Road from Benwell Road to Holloway Road
Closed to pedestrians, emergency access only.

The junction of Drayton Park/Holloway Road
Police controlled crossing point where supporters will be queued and assisted across Holloway Road as quickly as possible.


With the Emirates, the whole occasion just seems as if it is one big corporate event rather than a football match. Plus the view from the Away end is not that great and you almost question if the stadium did indeed hold 60,000, as the large gaps in the corners below the stadium roof, gave the illusion that it is smaller than what it is. The away fans are also located very close to the home fans, which led to a fair amount of rather unsavoury banter.

On the positive side the stadium is indeed one of quality. It looks and feels that it has not been 'built on the cheap' and is a 'cut above' most other new stadiums built in this country. The atmosphere is pretty poor in all honesty and because of the shallowness of the seats and the spacing it is difficult to get a real atmosphere going.

Away fans at the Emirates Stadium are housed in the lower tier of the South East corner. The normal allocation for away fans will be 3,000 tickets, but this can be increased to around 6,000. Although fans will have big padded seats and plenty of leg room, the lower tier of the stadium is quite shallow (unlike the upper tiers which have plenty of height between rows), meaning that the view might not be as good as you would expect from a new stadium.

Entrance to the stadium is by a 'smart ticket', whereby rather than giving your ticket to a turnstile operator, you enter it into a ticket reader to gain entry. The concourse inside is not that spacious, but just about adequate. There is quite a choice of food on offer. Although pricey it looks pretty good and includes; Fish and chips (5.90), Scottish Cheeseburger (4), Hot Dog (3.50), Balti Pie (4), Minced Beef & Onion Pie (4), Roasted vegetables and cauliflower pie (4) and probably the best value a slice of pizza for 2.50. Alcohol is available in the form of Fosters or John Smiths at 3.20 per pint. However a crowd of fans form into a scrum around the kiosk. It would have been nice if a proper queuing system had been put in place. There are plenty of flat screen televisions on the concourse to keep you entertained, plus there is a Ladbroke betting facility

Pub Guide and extras
The traditional away pub The Drayton Arms is even nearer the new stadium than it was to Highbury. We assume this will remain the "designated" away pub and our coaches will be parked alongside as per previous seasons.

The area is full of decent pubs with likes of The Twelve Pins and The Blackstock (both near Finsbury Park Tube) also welcoming away fans. This old pub guide may still prove useful:

Away Fans:

Adult - 49
Over 65s - 21
U16s - 19
Wheelchair & PA - 24.50

Stadium Plan

If i were going this year i'd definitly heed the warning about not driving - went to the Brazil game arlier this year and was a nightmare!!  ended up poarking at the Hilton hotel, Islington which from memory was 1.50 an hour but i suppoose if theres a few of you then it might be ok....

Thing i did notice was the queues for the Tube afterwards...very well organised but they were massive!!  i'd give it an hour after the game though if not in a rush...

Ground very impressive - cofort etc superb...view excellent but as mentioned food very expensive and not always your traditional match day grub (Cauliflour bake!), although, you can still get a pie if you re-mortagge! I decided to starve....

All in all very impressed and will lead to a good away trip....

2.50 a pint before kick off then up to 3.20 at half time  :o

Very good stadium, transport links were good. Seats far bigger than at Highbury. Was there for the Brazil v Argentina game, not to see the Reds. So my 2penneth may not be worth as much for a competitive match.

Drayton Park train station is closed on match days.

Euston (main station) to Highbury/Islington station took about 6 minutes.

Pie+pint deal 6.70.  They even sold red/white WINE.  ???  Only took CASH at the Food/Drink stalls.

Seats had square backs and padded bases (n/a during play as we stood  ;)).  Plenty of legroom - one man was on crutches and people could get past him.  Try that at many stadia.  Rows had slight gaps part-way along so one did not have to climb over seats.

The cold wind seemed to whip around the stands at times, and this was April. 

No problem getting in 45 mins before kick-off.  Electronic ticket reader (UEFA take note!) at the turnstiles.

I think the Drayton Park pub had a fish-and-chip shop by it?

60,000+ capacity yet it still took our singing to wake them up.  :P


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