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What phone are you using for it to be barely usable?


--- Quote from: CraigDS on January 27, 2022, 11:01:54 am ---What phone are you using for it to be barely usable?

--- End quote ---

RAWK is usable on mobile sure, but it isn't a nice experience ;D I'm envious of the people have absolutely no problems but that's never been the case for me through the last 5 or so Android phones I've used - including my S20 now.

Portrait mode is unusable, text size varies from post to post. Even with zoom there's no wrapping of the page so it's a complete non-starter.

In landscape mode things are better, text size is consistent from post to post but the size limit is not respected in the signatures. It's also borderline impossible to read normally, you need to zoom in to the point you miss the name of the user posting or have the phone 10cm from your face.

Usable yes, but Tapatalk is better until the mobile CSS is finished  :wave

Ghost Town:
If access is still being granted for beta testing the mobile version I'd be glad to give it a go as well. Thank you

Ben S:
Tapatalk is gone for good.


--- Quote from: Ben S on January 30, 2023, 10:31:45 am ---Tapatalk is gone for good.

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I don't remember us signing him. Did we get a good deal? Oops, not the transfer thread, okay....


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