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--- Quote from: Claire. on June 18, 2021, 08:25:16 am ---Really busy at the min but will come back to it at some point.

--- End quote ---
Hi Claire, that's great, the mobile theme sounds very promising. If you get a chance could I be added to the test group please. Really struggling with my device and RAWK since tapatalk access went.
 At this stage I don't really login anymore hence the slow reply as I am only seeing yours now.


Thanks for all  the word you do
Is it possible to try the mobile version of the site

Thx 🙏 in advance


Shady Craig:
Hi, could I be added to the test group as well if possible please Claire, thanks in advance.

Is something happening with the new format only mine keeps going back to the old way where it's so tiny I can't read it then I get logged out and have to login again and it's back to normal again.

It's been doing it since yesterday.

Is the mobile site still on to the go? Would still like to test it out if it is. Desperately looking for a user friendly mobile site!


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