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UK General Election - Mordaunt, Mogg and Mad Liz all gone - STARMERGEDDON

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Red Beret:
Mods, feel free to amend, adjust or delete as felt necessary.

There's been a lot of talk in the Labour thread about the potential for an early election, voting age etc. Rather than that thread get dragged off topic, I though it might just be sensible to set up a new one for election-related news involved all the parties. We still have upcoming by-elections, local elections, and opinion polls to discuss, after all.

This might also be a good spot to talk about manifestos and what we might like to see. Personally, I'm hoping Labour offer a commitment to re-nationalise the railways, although getting Starmer to commit to anything at this stage is understandably difficult. ;)  But if they secure a super-majority, I would definitely like to see this considered.

In any case, I'll leave this post here. Feel free to add to it if you so wish. :)

EDIT: 29 May - adding a quote that links to some useful websites offering polling. Thanks to TheShanklyGates :)

--- Quote from: TheShanklyGates on May 29, 2024, 06:05:15 pm ---

Both of these are good. They also both have predictive models with the latest polls fed in.

--- End quote ---

Personally I think this thread is a great idea, too much duplication in both the Labour and Tory threads and I think a General Election is a lot closer than people think

It’s hard to say, when is it most electorally beneficial for the Tories to hold it? I’m guessing they will wait as long as they can in the hope inflation comes down and there’s some miracle, maybe the war in Ukraine ends and fuel costs tumble down or interest rates start to come down and people start to feel better off, I don’t see how an early election helps the Tories unless there is some kind of correlation between warmer weather encouraging the grey Tory vote to come out in greater numbers then in the winter.

They know they are toast.  Scorched earth now.  New long term private contracts for private companies running “public” services.  Sell off the last of the family silver.  They’ll drag it out to the end.

Nobody wants a GE according to Rishi.

PM told me at conference a GE is ‘not what the country wants’

 > On Monday More in Common will release a poll showing voters now want an early GE - 73% say shld be b4 end of May, while 18 % say this year. Only 15% want to wait until next autumn

Rishi Sunak has told Sky's @BethRigby that a general election is "not what the country wants", as well as insisting he is unafraid of going to the polls


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