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Ciara (with a capital "C"):
Do we have any Taylor Swift fans in these parts? I have seen a few threads here over the years with references to TS and the discussion has always been a bit more balanced than what you tend to come across online or with people who have no real understanding of who she is as an artist or how she got here. I am sure we could all guess what the usual boring, unfair lines are that get trotted out - she is annoying, can't keep a boyfriend, only dates people so she can write songs about them, manufactured etc...

I do consider myself a fan - seen her in concert twice, the last time during her UK tour and it was phenomenal. I refused to buy tickets as they were so expensive, despite really liking her. My Husband thought this was crazy, despite agreeing they were expensive (150+) so he ended up buying us tickets and we went to see her at the Etihad. We both came away appreciating her a lot more. He is not a fan as such, he knows some of her songs through me playing them - likes the odd one, but was visibly overwhelmed watching the show. The amount of people on stage, the choreography, the whole experience was just incredible. I really understood why the tickets were so expensive.

There is new Netflix documentary out - Miss Americana, giving a really great insight into who she is, how she got here and some issues she faced along the way and how that has shaped her:

I watched it on Friday last week when it dropped and really enjoyed it. Felt incredibly sad for her in parts. I feel like I knew quite a lot about the public things she went through - Kanye West debacle and his subsequent behaviour towards her, the stalking case, the sexual assault case, issues with the record label, her Mum's illness etc... but this documentary brought a whole new human aspect to how I viewed her and showed how she has coped through it all and has now found her voice so to speak. Really recommend it.

She writes all her own music  - there has always been tons of evidence out there to prove this, including a song-writing credit on all of her released music, a solo album that she wrote solely on her own, song-writing awards from when she was younger, videos out there showing her writing process etc... The documentary shows some of her process and that's a fascinating watch in herself. As well as how she can pick up an instrument and make music. I have always loved her as a lyricist - I think she is really clever, real and brave in some instances. She does write about relationships, how she is treated by the press/commentators/public because she is a woman who has had relationships compared to how men are treated and calls out how unfair and hypocritical that is. She has a song on her new album about that, called 'The Man'. And I particularly like the line: "And we would toast to me, oh, let the players play - I'd be just like Leo, in Saint-Tropez." Ha!

Having watched the documentary, this thread was really interesting from the aftermath of the Kanye West/MTV Music Awards incident where he did the 'Imma tell you' thing on her: It obviously did have a massive impact on her.

Anyway, I just wanted to ask if people had watched the documentary and what their thoughts were but it turned into a bit of a fan girl post.

And here are some of my favourite Taylor Swift songs, some of the less well-known ones, just 'cos why not? She's great!

'Lover' from her latest album:
And I especially love the line: 'Ladies and gentleman will you please stand; with every guitar string scar on my hand, I take this magnetic force of a man to be my lover' - a nod to all those times she was heart-broken in the past and wrote songs about it and how anyone she will be with will need to accept her, scars and all. Just so powerful and beautiful.

'All Too Well' from her Red album:

'State of Grace' also from Red (acoustic version):

Crosby Nick:
She seems like incredibly hard work (is my considered opinion :D ).

Kenny's Jacket:

--- Quote from: BIG DICK NICK on February  7, 2020, 12:38:25 pm ---She seems like incredibly hard work (is my considered opinion :D ).

--- End quote ---

The kind of girl who puts on Facebook "If you can't handle me at my worst, you don't deserve me at my best"

Love the tune 'Lover'.

The G in Gerrard:
She's got some good tunes


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