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This is probably just a sound off, but it’s something I think is worth getting the opinion of others for so here goes…..

Since when did it become so violent in this city. Has it always been this bad or has the introduction of internet news, social media made it more visible that we simply cant ignore it.

Sunday night, 8.30pm and in my street in Page Moss I hear the screech of tyres. Nothing unusual about that, especially around ours, so I ignored it.
A few minutes later I hear a repeated banging in the street, like someone kicking a wheelie bin about. Looking out the window I was shocked to see five men in balaclavas armed with bats and machetes smashing a van to bits. The van belongs to a boyfriend of a young girl who lives a few doors up, the boyfriend apparently got out the jug a few months ago.

Being the good son that I am, I shot downstairs and told my mum to stay in the kitchen and I locked the door (don’t know why, but just to be sure).
After a few seconds the mob drive off and the jailbird come out with his family to survey the damage and screech and shout!

Apparently less than 30 minutes later and only a mile or so up the road, a 17 year old is shot in the head whilst riding on the back of a bike and ends up dead. His mate rode off and left him dying in the gutter. Fooking 17 years of age?

The same weekend in our city a 14 year old kid is stabbed after a fight in Concert Square, another fella is stabbed in the stomach in a bar in Santa Chupitos and the other day a fella ends up fighting for his life after someone used his head as a casey over a row about a taxi.
Throw into the mix countless windows getting shot out on a daily basis, Police finding guns and ammo hidden in gardens.

The thing now is, nobody is shocked or surprised about a kid being shot dead on a Sunday night, it’s a cliché but if this happened 10, maybe 20 years ago then it was huge news. What’s gone wrong since, is it a generation thing? A lack of respect for the people they share the streets with? Is it a case of they are nothing but shithouse cowards who cant settle a dispute with talking or fists, so resort to killing someone? Is it a case of the Police being overstretched?

I genuinely believe that its getting out of control, that the Police are struggling to control the streets, or is it a case that our city has always been this violent?

Red Beret:
I lived in Huyton/Page Moss for the first 26 years of my life.  It destroyed my parents' health and helped make me the man I am today - stuck on ESA with anxiety and a personality disorder.

Place is a shit hole.  Get out if you can.

I'm less than a couple of miles down the road from where the kid was shot. All I can say is that I'm surprised it has taken this long for someone to die in this way (I know there have been young lads shot and killed in the past few years, but specifically this way involving a motorkbike given how ubiquitous they are). I don't know if the city has gotten more violent; I tend not to pay much notice to crime stats generally as they are not worth the paper they are written on half the time. However I don't feel any different in terms of safety now than I did a decade or so ago. There are still places I wont venture out to alone, I'm wary of certain areas and situations, I don't walk past gangs of lads in the night time. Common sense you might say, but that's how it is.

Gun crime does seem to be getting out of hand though. I don't think these kids understand the severity of what they are doing by blasting at each other and by blasting a property as if they are merely throwing a stone at a window. In many cases there is nothing down for them. They have a terrible upbringing, they don't have any money or anything nice growing up and through no fault of their own most of the time they haven't had any good role models to look up to. Nor have they had any good moral arbiter and that extends to parents and guardians. There is no sense of right or wrong. Inner-city and suburban Liverpool has been abandoned in many ways and when you get kids with no hope, no aspiration, no good guidance around them and then add in a sprinkling of no fear instilled in them then you get mayhem. It isn't rocket science. These kids who go off the rails are often decent lads, not all of them are born evil. I've seen good lads, really good lads from by my area with so much potential get in with the wrong crowd and their lives have gone to shit. Drugs, guns, prison, shootings, you name it. It is sad to see.

I only speak from experience. For me, seeing shootings and roads taped off has been the norm for me growing up. Seeing police chases is normal. Seeing burned out vehicles decorating the local landscape has been normal. Being stopped and searched aggressively for no other reason than being a young lad on a certain estate has been normal. Nothing seems to change but what are you gonna do? This isn't something you can fix overnight. The police are seen as an enemy and I firmly believe it is a two-way street in that sense. There is an assumption of guilt even when you have done nothing wrong. I remember police planting a bag of weed on me and my mates a few years ago just because they wanted a reason to frisk us down and get our details. There is rotten morals and actions from all sides, and of course some are worse than others. But how do you stop it? I don't know, because sadly this isn't anything new. Certain things get worse, other issues die down. Broadly speaking though things don't alter too much and young lives are lost, families are torn apart and we continue to ask the same questions.

It's mindless violence. The police aren't about. A 12 year old was arrested in possession of a gun by ours the other day. What's he gonna get, slap on the wrist. There's no deterrent. Crime and drugs have always existed but now it's done in broad daylight. They don't give a shit. It's like becoming more like America in that way. Police don't care about low level dealers and violence until someone is killed or almost killed.

I don't let my kids play on in the street, fuck that shit, just so they can get caught in the middle of some tosser pulling a wheelie on a trials bike. Nobheads.

I'd say 90 % or more of these incidents are are drug or gang related and most are both of them .though drugs have been around a long time it's more prevalent now than ever from addiction , recreational use or nights in town and use by all ages from 12thru to 60 plus it's THE scourge of society these days And this is the knock on effect


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