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I t is interesting to read the original post here, then read what folk are feeling today over a year later, and opinion has not actually changed, who says this managing game aint easy??

Open University Senior Lecturer Dr Frank Monaghan is researching the ways in which Liverpool FC fans use both banners and social media to mark out a 'Scouse' identity and how they put these resources to use - from low humour and mocking of opponents through to political activism to resist the commercialisation of football.  Source - OpenMinds the journal of the Open University June 2012.

The Shepherd:
1 and 2. A part of me was relieved as I was fed up of Torres sulking. At the same time I knew we were losing a massive asset that would be virtually irreplaceable although I did think 50 mill if spent well could improve the squad a lot. As it turned out we basically acted like a bored housewife with wad of cash at her disposal and spent it impulsively on the most fashionable item currently on the market and got seriously ripped off doing it. The 35 mill was always going to be a short term burden which could possibly turn into a long term disaster.

3. Carroll has been OK and I thought selling him was a bad idea so you can guess what I thought about loaning him out to West Ham.

4. His strengths are obvious in terms of his physical abilities but he does definitely have an eye for goal. I also think mentally he brings something to the squad. He is a team player and a battler and seems to me to have a really good attitude, just has had a bit of bad time with PR and his spare time activities.

5. Andy Carroll is a team player. End of.

6. He'll do well at West Ham. His future at Liverpool is up to the manager and the board.

It doesn't much matter now he's away in the East End but I can't agree with the bit about really good attitude. My view of his attitude - whenever he got a chance of wearing the shirt to be fair to the lad - was that when things went wrong and attacks broke down, he too often - for the games I saw anyway - was inclined to pull his gob and bollock his team-mate for delivering a poor ball or for them not being where he'd just played the ball. Yes he's a big lad with some prospects - but whenever I see today's players displaying that tendency, then it always disappoints me.
Fuck me, they've got the team shirt on their back plus they've got 50K a week minimum for it too! Get real and support your team-mates even when the pass they made wasn't perfect eh? When was the last time ANYONE - Carroll included - was perfect?

Maybe he'll be back and maybe he won't. That's for others to determine based on what THEY decide he can bring to the LFC table. Wait and see is all you can do.


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