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Shanklyboy / Ray update, tributes, funeral etc

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--- Quote from: 'justice' on February  7, 2011, 08:44:10 pm ---In response to those of you who have asked about donations, if anyone wishes to make a donation in memory of Ray I have now set up a Just Giving Page for Cancer Research, which is the charity chosen by Ray's family.

Thanks in advance.

--- End quote ---

nice to see donations still coming through in his memory

RIP shanklyboy

Just want to say thanks to everybody from Rays family for the support Rays chosen charity has had. The total stands at 1600 which is a fantastic amount of money to raise, and exceeded everyone's expectations. I'll leave the page open for a while longer as Camilea from the Paris supporters club is kindly organising an evening to raise money.

Thanks again.

When did Ray pass away? I can't believe this. R. I. P. Ray. You'll never be forgotten. xx

Hadn't had the time but wanted to update..I did make it into the HJC shop before the Spurs match and signed Ray's flag. Along with a donation to the shop.



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