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Veinticinco de Mayo:
Post your reviews of gigs you've seen.

Post your thoughts on venues past and present.

Post tips on upcoming gigs you think we should see (but tell us why people)

Veinticinco de Mayo:
So to kick us off, I'm going to see The Soundcarriers, By The Sea and Eva Petersen at the Williamson Tunnels this Sat.  Don't know much about it to be honest, Soundcarriers are from Nottingham and are probably best described as a sixties acoustic stereolab (perhaps a monolab ;) ).  Thing is though it's being put on by the good guys at Harvest Sun and they've got a pretty impeccable track record of gigs at the moment so I'm taking it mainly on trust. 

The tunnels is one of your more interesting venues too.

Veinticinco de Mayo:
Latest from the promoters...

Subject: 1 day to The Williamson Tunnels Psychedelic Underground
Yes folks, 1 more sleep until The Tunnel of Love end of Summer party.

We welcome the melodic bass driven grooves of The Soundcarriers, all the way from sunny Nottingham via some far off solar system.

We also see the return of the excellent By The Sea, who've been away recording in The Scandinavian Church, of all places. Plus our favourite song-stress, Eva Petersen's voice will literally be melting the tunnel.

All ably and abetted by DJ Kool Aid Bob (Probe Records) playing the finest psychedelia from the shops shelves.

Tickets 8 still available with Probe and ticketline or you can pay on the door.

Doors, 7.30.

We'll hopefully see you there,

Harvest Sun Promotions.

Veinticinco de Mayo:
The Sound Carriers were great last night, trippy sixties grooves.

And at the risk of this becoming a one man blog...  next gig on the agenda for me is Smoke Fairies at the Kazimier.  Now that should be a belter.

Dewey Finn:
Jacko rules Liverpool gigs.


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