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Brian Blessed:
HBO doing it? Fuck yes!

It's being filmed this autumn in Belfast.

If they can have the quality of Rome, Deadwood, Carnivale etc, this should be superb.

Brian Blessed:
Variety reported on 17 January 2007 that the rights for A Song of Ice and Fire have been sold to HBO with the intent of turning the novels into a television series.[1] Written and executive produced by David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, the series is expected to cover one novel's worth of material per season. Martin plans to co-executive produce the series and is expected to write one episode per season. The series is likely to be filmed in the UK.[2]

Martin reported in August 2007 that the first draft of the script was complete[3] and stated in November that the script was approved and budgeting had begun. At this point the series had still not been officially greenlit, and the 2007 Writers Guild of America strike could have delayed the process.[4]

In April 2008, David Benioff confirmed that development of the script and series was continuing.[5] He suggested a 'crappy' tagline for the project could be, "The Sopranos in Middle-earth."[6] In June, Martin reported in his blog that the second draft of the script was complete, but again a final decision had not been made. If the series were to go ahead, the BBC would also be financially involved much as they were for the HBO series Rome.[7]

HBO exercised its option to buy the television rights to produce A Game of Thrones in September 2008.[8] Martin was quick to point out the project had still not been greenlit, but that it was an encouraging first step. In November, Variety reported that HBO has committed to filming a pilot episode before a decision is made in regards to filming the entire first book of the series.[9] The shooting for the pilot will begin in October 2009 and take place in Northern Ireland.[10]

On May 5, 2009 it was announced that Peter Dinklage has been signed on to star in the pilot and Tom McCarthy is set to direct.[11]

"The Sopranos in Middle-earth."

If this is half as good as The Sopranos, and twice as good as Lord of the Rings, we should be onto a winner.

Couldn't really get into the series after the completing the first one to be honest. For a "fantasy" book, it read too much like a historical/period fiction.

Brian Blessed:

--- Quote from: lookieman on May  8, 2009, 02:11:47 pm ---Couldn't really get into the series after the completing the first one to be honest. For a "fantasy" book, it read too much like a historical/period fiction.

--- End quote ---

I'm the same, I like my fantasy a bit more light weight. But, I think my simpleton mind will eat up a tele programme.

Finn Solomon:
I adore the books. An adult fantasy series steeped in realism and genuine emotion. It kicks the shit out of the likes of Sword of Shannara and the Dragonrider series.


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