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Terry de Niro:
Apologies if this has already been done, but I've just been looking at some brilliant photos and I thought I'd put them on here..

I found them on here..

London Road

Old Hall Street

Pall Mall

South John Street

Water Street

Adelphi Hotel, 1870.

Woodside, Birkenhead

Water Street, Liverpool September 1939.

Dale Street

William Brown St.


P-51 Mustang fighters in Upper Parliament Street Liverpool 1944

Storage wrapped P-51 Mustang fighters (w. wingtips removed for shipment) rolling down city street en route to airbase for use in the D-Day (Operation Overlord) invasion of Normandy.

Some fantastic Pics Terry, love that last one of the bombers going up upper parliament st!

Some crackers their Terry, what camera did ye use ?  ;)

brilliant those terry, thanks for posting.

 see the Accrington Stanley team bus dropping them off at The  Newz bar :D

Love the old black and white pics, some good ones in there.


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