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I've split the wallpapers, phone backgrounds and such off from the main photoshop thread.

It makes them easier to find, and keeps the funnies easier to find in the Art thread.

Please post these type of designs in here. I've put a few in from the main one to kick it off, but I've got a life and don't want to spend all my time moving the others across so you might want to repost some in here.  :wave


--- Quote from: buchigo! on April  8, 2008, 03:50:49 pm ---can someone put rafa's head in this and make a this is anfield thing? thanks. :)

--- End quote ---

Someone did similar ones a while ago.  Not Rafa though.

By Popular demand -  :D

larger resolution version and loads more here as posted the other day -


Been drawing a few concept designs for a new Liver bird. Here's the head from one of em.

another -


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