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Faith restored in footie last night (by Steve M)

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Footie has become a bit of a chore lately. I'm sure you're all feeling much the same. Everywhere you turn is some bloody Vodafone ad. Overhyped crap on piss poor programmes on ITV. Newspapers having an orgasm over anybody that can string two passes together.

Bit of a pleasant surprise to go and watch my local team last night. No loyalty to them, able to watch as a neutral. Enjoy a stress free game. 3/4 of the ground terraced with low corrugated roofing making the noise echo like there are 10 times the number. No chance of ground share here. Unless NCP car parks are doing the sharing. Value of the ground would probably rise in that case.

Very average first half. Stood chatting with a Spurs fan trying to prove who is supporting the worse team at present. Went out of the turnstile at half-time and had a pint in the social club. Noticed Arsenal reserves were winning. Back in for the second half. All hell breaks loose.

First the opposition, who have been making a real game of it, go and score. Cue fireworks being let off by visiting fans and dozens of bog rolls thrown on to pitch a la Argentina 1978. From then on game livens up.

Visitors decide to fake injuries left right and centre to waste time. Eventually referee realises this and decides to play on. Unfortunately one takes a blow to the head and suffers concussion inside the 6 yard box. Whilst half the team are appealing to the ref, home team rifle home the equaliser. Visitors are not happy chappies. Are you Mike Riley in disguise? Concussed player is stretchered off.

Few minutes later, home player breaks free of defence and on the edge of the area is chopped down. Clear professional foul. Straight red card. From resulting free kick, the ball strikes the wall. As the forward is about to shoot again, is brutally fouled. Second yellow card. Off you go. Down to 9 men. Eventually take the free kick and score from it. The referee is a wanker according to the away fans. All 48 of them. I counted.

Game is now one way traffic. Midfielder out near the sideline curls the ball into the box like Danny Murphy against Leeds and ball ends up in the same spot in far corner. 3-1. Home crowd on the covered terrace are singing their heads off trying not to spill their bottles of wine while punching the air. None of your' "Yer can't take that bottle of sparkling water into the ground" here.

Not over yet, another 2 for the home team before the end. Final whistle goes, ref legs it to changing rooms pronto. Decided not to have a burger from the dodgy chip van inside the ground. Relief at last to watch a game with a few goals and happy fans. No-one hassled for swearing in front of kids. In fact most of the kids seemed to be able to teach everyone else a few lessons in the lost art of vitriol. All for 6. Pretty good value on all fronts.

Why can't it be like that more often?

Steve M 2003

Come on you Mighty "Fenland Bog Trotters"   ::)

whatever next ?  ;D

Jonathan Hall ☆☆☆☆☆☆:
No way am i going to see the most local team to me, i'd rather watch Everton.

Why what's your localist?

Jonathan Hall ☆☆☆☆☆☆:

--- Quote from: KrustyKopite on December 18, 2003, 10:06:12 am ---Why what's your localist?

--- End quote ---

Parkland Rangers, or Numptytown at sixfields.


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