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Below is a list of the Restaurants reviewed on this thread I'll keep this as upto date as I can.

That sugarvine thingy-me-bob is apparently rigged, cos they jibb off any bad words. So what better than a little RAWK feedback to help others?

Format to be used:

* Restaurant Name:
* Location
* Link to their website
* How many went
* What was [roughly] ordered
* Review of the Food
* Review of the venue
* Would you go again?
* Would you recommend it to friends and family?
* Any known offers of fixed menus?
* Price Paid
* Overall score out of 10
Click quote and just use the above headings for your reply.

*************** RESTAURANTS REVIEWED ON THIS THREAD*********************
LAST UPDATED:  14/01/2009

* Restaurant Bar & Grill
* Savina
* Cafe Rouge
* Geisha
* Mustard
* Spice Lounge
* Pan America
* Sapporo Teppanyaki
* New Capital Chinese
* Amber
* Ego
* La Vina
* Chung Ku
* Est, Est, Est
* tapas tapas
* The Olive Press
* Spire
* Chilli Banana
* Ego
* Esteban
* La Tasca
* Piccolino
* Schmooze
* Il Forno
* The Living room
* Sports cafe england- Carraghers Gaff
* Damons
* La Vina
* Christakis
* 60 Hope Street
* The London Carriageworks
* Blue Bar & Grill
* Panoramic
* Elif
* Bella Italia/Pasta
* Pacino's
* Il Forno
* St Petersburg
* Puschka
* Gusto ( A.K.A. Est Est Est )
* Tirano
* Keith's Wine Bar
* Spire
* Que Pasa Cantina
* Delifonseca
* Mei Mei
* Maharajah South Indian Restaurant
* Blakes- Hard days night hotel's restaurant
* Las Iguanas
* Tirano
* El Macho
* St Petersburg
* The Haymarket
* Meet
* El Macho
* Wagamamas
* Tokyou
* Elude
* James Monro
* Gulshan


* Restaurant Name:The Restaurant Bar and Grill

* LocationBrunswick Street Map Here

* Link to their website

* How many went8 People

* What was [roughly] ordered8 starters, and 8 mains. [2 of the starters were platters for 2 to share.] Also 3 plates of olives, and 3 plates of bread. 2 bottles of red wine and 3 bottles of Rose

* Review of the FoodEveryone was made up with the food. The portions are layed out beautifully and presented in top quality fashion. Sizes may at first seem small, but when you finish - you realise its more than enough. We're often guilty of over eating I guess....and these are just right - especially if your drinking too.

* Review of the venueLovely, swanky, modern feel. Great old building with a modern interior. Bar in the centre of the place, with glass deisplays containing wine and champagnes that seperate the eating area from the bar. It can be full of "look at me" types. But it is a great dining experience.

* Would you go again?Definately.

* Would you recommend it to friends and family?Have done

* Price PaidWorked out about £40 per person for all the food and wine, and we had a bar tab that had about 12-15 pints on it and a couple of gin and tonics.

* Any known offers of fixed menus?Not that Im aware of. Doesnt seem the place that would do either.

* Overall score out of 10A solid 8.



* Restaurant Name:Savina

* LocationDuke Street, City. Map Here

* Link to their website

* How many went2 People.

* What was [roughly] orderedA starter and a main each. A bottle of red, 2 bottles of lager and 2 gin and tonics.

* Review of the FoodMexican cuisine. Well cooked, and layed out with great appeal. First time I came here I had the steak and it was cooked superbly. Second time I had something more Mexican, and as you would expect from a Mexican - it was top draw. Portions are decent size and most definately worth the money. All accompanied Mexican fused rice, or potatoes squares.

* Review of the venueI've only ever been here midweek. Both times it wasnt too busy, which was nice....but if you like that bustling atmosphre when you eat - then maybe the weekends are a better option. Background music is Mexican [as you'd kinda expect]. Well decorated in black and red and the service was brilliant. Really friendly.

* Would you go again?I have been!

* Would you recommend it to friends and family?Yep

* Any known offers of fixed menus?Yeah. Lunch time. 2 courses for £6.95, or 3 course for £9.95. All wraps £4.50
Main and a starter £11.95 all week before 7pm.

* Price Paid£65 for the lot.

* Overall score out of 10
Having only been midweek, im going to go with a 7. Good value and a nice place.

Something for day time, early evening.

* Restaurant Name:Cafe Rouge

* LocationBack of the Met Quarter, Whitechapel, in the city. Map Here

* Link to their website

* How many went4 People.

* What was [roughly] ordered2 people had starters, all 4 had mains, and 2 had dessert. Also ordered olives and bread, and approx 6-8 pints of Stella, and a bottle of red wine.

* Review of the FoodHaving lived in France. I'd heard about Cafe Rouge, but had this impression that it literally was a cafe, and as such the food wouldnt be upto much. It does have that French bistro feel to the place, but the food it definately better than your average day time scran!!!. Personally, I had the platter of dried cured meats to start followed by "Confit de Canard" [duck in orange sauce with dauphinoise potatoes]. It was equal to anything I had order in France of the same. The menu really is top draw - especially like i say, for a day time eaterie. Although, this place is open til 10/11pm of a night. Personally, Id use it for a day time, or a relaxed eveing meal.

* Review of the venueAs touched on above. The layour is very mucj French bistro. Loats of french signs, fancy old chandelliers and lighting, and more bistro seating that comfy leather chairs or anything. But it is quaint, and it is friendly and atmospheric.

* Would you go again?Definaltely.

* Would you recommend it to friends and family?They recommended it to me.

* Any known offers of fixed menus?Fixed menu choices for £6.95 for 2 courses or £9.95 for 3 courses. Or 2 courses and a drink [anything] for £9.95.

* Price PaidWorked out about £25 per person when we went - which for what I had, was well worth it.

* Overall score out of 10It suprised me this place, and i'd give it a very solid 7.5. Only let down as its not the type of place Id go for nice one-on-one meal with the missus....but then, do we always need that?

Istanbul Therapy Group:
Restaurant Name: Geisha

Location: Mrytle Street (Past Hardman Street)

Link to their website

How many went: 2

What was [roughly] ordered: Soup & Prawns for Starters, Steak and duck for mains, 2 bottles of wine

Review of the Food: Spot on, well cooked and presented nicely, we didn't wait too long either. The Food is decsribed as Pan Asian, so some of it can be a bit spicy.

Review of the venue: Brilliantly decorated and some crazy chairs dotted in the downstairs bar. Service was pretty good, not the friendliest guy serving, but not that it would put you off. Watch out for the blinking woman

Would you go again? Definitely

Would you recommend it to friends and
 family? Yes

Any known offers of fixed menus? Probably not

Price Paid £80

Overall score out of 10: 9, reccomended. We waited half an hour on a busy friday night and we had booked a table already, if not for that i'd have said a ten.


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