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To move or not to move ? That is the question ... by Jon Mushrow


Is it just me or has it all gone quiet lately about the possibility of the ground move? Has the evil one (Rick Parry) finally realised that there is no need for Liverpool to be playing in a 70,000 seater stadium whether it be at Stanley Park or Speke?

Or is it just the calm before the storm, when the evil one and his cronies start the media hype (and lies) about how much we need 70,000 in order to compete with Man Utd ?

 I would like to ask the pro movers : why do you want us to move to a new ground?

Would you rather have a new ground just for the sake of having one? Would you be happy if Anfield could be redeveloped?

In my view we do not need a ground that can hold 70,000; one that can hold about 55,000 would do for us.

Anfield is our home and should stay our home. The history that the ground has is unbelievable, the number of great nights that the place has seen is just incredible (unfortunately I havenít seen many of them as I wasnít around at the time.)

Are people happy to give this up for the sake of playing in 70,000 seater Parry Bowl which will only be full for so called BIG GAMES! - and almost empty for the rest of them ?

Thatís another thing that makes me laugh : when people say we will fill the ground for BIG GAMES! I donít know about you but every game Liverpool play for me is classed as a BIG GAME to me, whether it be against a non-league team in the 3rd Round of the FA Cup, the semi-final of the Champions League or a derby against Man United or Everton.

Some of the pro movers are also using the argument that moving to a bigger ground will lead to ticket prices being reduced. That is another joke. Ticket prices will go up in price no matter what the capacity of our ground.

Even this season (or last season now I suppose,) one of our most successful for a long time, our average attendanceís dropped!! So the question has to be asked to all the people that are saying they cant get tickets for Anfield so we need a new stadium: where were you all? At these games where we didnít sell out?

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