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"Thick as two short planks" (A Jessie Paisley story)

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Brilliant, loved it, and as a kid from next door in Speke about 7 years later, sounds just a bit like me, I think I was about 5 as well, we played Newcastle about 69 or 70, always remember me dad always used to go with me Uncle George, but he never was me uncle, bit like his wife wasn't my auntie all though I used to have to call her auntie Edna LOL, probably cos me mam used to go to bingo with her and me dad went the footie with George, humble times for us kids then when we used to have to work for our pocket money, don't remember much about them games up until about 74 when we won the UEFA cup, the one thing that always sticks in my mind though from that age was I always used to think to myself I must be one of the luckiest kids alive being born in Liverpool and supporting the best team in the world, still going now and will follow them for life, what's the saying, " you never forget your first love".

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sounds like me dad wool, you must be picking up yer pension by now too eh :P

Attendance : 39261 (the 1 was me)

Nice touch.

great tale Karl, enjoyed it throroughly.


I enjoy reading your stories and I can't believe you were called 'thick' as an infant!  You have a gift for writing - well of course, if you were to write a book, I would expect you to use less slang!  I found the bit about you looking at your father with wonder in his new suit really moving.  If you have time read that Marcel Pagnol book "My Father's Glory" - it is not lengthy, and very moving.  Or watch the movie.  If you don't dig French, it has subtitles.  Or pick up a translated version of the book. The way you write, you will love this story, I assure you.

The one amazing thing though is that I cannot imagine my 5 year old son planning and really looking forward to a game like you did at 5.  Of course, my son has never watched a game, except for a few minutes on the box.  Plus maybe kids these days have so many other things to do (or watch on that bloody little telly of his in his room.  If ya ever hear of an angry father smashing his kids' telly in the summer, you'll know its me!).

Well, keep the stories coming man.



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